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Dystopian Wasteland - Zombie Apocalypse RP SAMP


Welcome to Dystopian Wasteland Roleplay, a roleplay server set in a dangerous dystopian wasteland, filled with dangers and intrigue! Your character will travel the wasteland, surviving the harsh enviroment, the infected and other humans while perhaps uncovering the secrets of the mysterious island. We pride ourselves on a dynamic storyline that has been built upon over the course of multiple years, and will keep growing more complex and intense as the community adds more building stones to it. The story will keep on changing, and even you can influence it. 

While focusing mainly on higher level roleplay, we welcome all roleplayers and are happy to help other people grow and establish their characters as part of the story we as a community want to grow. When the server is our book, our players are it's characters, and their roleplay carves out its story. For more information regarding the storyline and for more information regarding the manner in which we build our storyline, visit these forums: 

Roleplay will always be the most important factor we wish to elevate in DW-RP, however, we offer a wide array of features players can use to enhance their roleplay.

Immersive storyline

Apart from setting the base of the setting, which allows players to forge their own stories, we thrive to create a dynamic storyline which changes and gets added upon over time by the players. Be it a big event or minor event, we encourage players to add their endeavors to the storyline which allows the storyline to evolve day by day. The administration team will also put in motion major game changing events, like a severe blizzard or a savage drought, which allows players to adjust their roleplay and become a part of these changes. Imagine one day, unannounced, a nasty virus swoops up and kills off a large portion of the main safezone's cattle. The food stock is rapidly depleting and people desperately cling on the food they have left. How will your character survive? To read up on the storyline, visit this page:


The apocalyptic event that set into the motion the events that led up to the state where the island finds itself in has happened decades ago. Some survivors of the island have managed to set up shop and build micro cities that serve as a safezone for those that seek refuge, hiding behind tall walls to block out the dangers of the island. These micro-cities serve as hotspots for roleplay, and host the various shops or interiors for roleplay one might visit. Perhaps a micro-cities leadership could use a hand?


A roleplay server with a setting on a post apocalyptic server won't provide proper immersion without mapping that properly illustrates the degraded wasteland. This is why our server sports a full remap of the map, filled with apocalyptic and dystopian scenery. From city streets overgrown with vegetation and littered by wreckages of cars and debris of broken buildings, to abandoned and ravaged camps in the woods. The server has it all to properly immerse our players into the dangerous setting of the wasteland. To view a couple of screenshots from our in-game mapping, view the server advert here:

Immersive ambient music

To give the server a more immersive feel, we've added a wide array of ambient music, fitting to the setting. This includes music whilst traversing the wasteland, but also music that's specifically chosen to fit a certain situation. Furthermore, some specific locations have specific music set to them, to increase immersion fully, giving the server the feel of a full fledged roleplaying experience.


Upon creating your character you will have the opportunity to choose three traits out of a number of 20+ traits available in the server. These traits are meant to give your character a perk that could assist you in specific wants or needs. If your character is a very "gun-ho" type character, you could choose out of a number of combat related perks, or if your character is more of a survivor, there are perks that increase your survivability in the wasteland. Don't be afraid to experiment around and try new things and make your character unique.


To assist with the economy and the crafting system, the server sports a number of skills a player can utilize and level up. These skills include skills such as Gunsmithing, Woodcutting, Fishing, Hunting and Mining, and are used to gather the resources needed to craft or feed yourself. The more you craft, the higher your level will be and the more high-end items you can craft.

Zombies and zombie bots

Apart from having a system where a player will become a zombie once he dies while infected, we also have hundreds of zombie bots stationed in the server. These come in the form of singular or grouped zombies that remain stationary untill they spot you, prompting them to attack. Apart from the zombies scattered around the city, there is also a chance a randomized zombie horde could appear, where a large number of infected charge at a safezone or place of important for an attack. Beware. 


Apart from zombie bots, we have also added a number of bandit bots you can engage (or avoid). These bandit bots are often more dangerous than the zombie bots we have placed. Carrying high power guns they use to protect their hideouts. These bandits have been placed all around the map on locations that might hide better loot than elsewhere. Furthermore, these bandits often drop their weapons and ammo, making them a good source for ammunation and weaponry. It is advised to engage them with your friends!

NPC's and actors

To push immersion to a next level we have added NPC's and actors to the server. A safezone, for example, would feature a number of NPC's to make it feel like a populated city, even when there are no players around. It's understandable most players won't feel like roleplaying the fruit seller or the market clerk, which makes way for the NPC's that fill in those blank spots, making the server feel more alive.


Don't feel like roleplaying for a bit? Want to make some quick money or earn a useful item? We have added a large number of missions to the server, supported by NPC's and a mission system that allows the player to start a mission, complete the objective and earn an item or money. These missions are scattered all over the island, some to be found easily and some hidden in remote places. Missions are a great way to spend time while not roleplaying and gain some more insight over the lore.

Hunger and thirst

Food and water are a resource highly sought by the island's wastelanders, growing more scarce as time progresses. Micro-cities attempt to fill the void by growing crops and herding cattle, yet not everyone has access to a constant supply of food and water. Due to this factor being of great influence in a apocalyptic setting, the server has a hunger and thirst system. This means the player will have to regularly collect water and fish, hunt or scavenge for food to stay alive.


SAMP is known for a online mod where people log into a deathmatch server, and shoot at one another with any weapon the game offers. However, in an apocalyptic wasteland, weapons and other items should be scarce. In order to immerse our players more into this aspect of survival, we have added a system where most of the items available in the server can be crafted. In order to do so, schematics can be bought in a micro-city which in turn can used to craft an item. An example could be a 9mm handgun or a radio. The more rare the weapon, the harder it is the create it.


Despite the island being in a state of decline for decades, it still offers many treasures to those who seek. The micro-cities that have been trading would often send out trade caravans to one another, yet bandits or infected might have gotten them. Resources thus are often lost to the wasteland which allows scavengers to seek these riches out. The server has a system where loot points and scavenge nodes are scattered throughout the wasteland, offering items to whomever might find them. Loot a car, loot abandonded houses or find rare items in hidden places to build up your stash. Loot points respawn regularly, so there's always loot to find.

Car crafting

It's unrealistic to have several new cars spawning out of nowhere while car manifacturing is a thing of the past on the island. This means the survivors on the island can search for old parts, and somehow reconstruct a car for personal use. To fit the server's setting, we have predetermined a number of cars we would think would fit the post-apocalyptic setting. These cars can be used indefinitely to traverse the island and store your items.

Hunting and fishing

For greater immersion we have added a hunting and fishing system for people to utilize to stack up on food. There are multiple spots on the server where players can fish and hunt for nutricious food that recovers a higher percentage of the hunger bar than scavenged food.


Mysterious planes sometimes fly over at random, dropping a supply box filled with medicine at random locations in the wasteland. The first to retrieve these will get the loot.


Micro-cities and factions will have the opportunity to control territory within Stygian city and neighbouring lands to increase production of weaponry, resources and food. There are different types of territories that give different benefits, like a refinery or a farm, which in turns grants a daily supply of said resources. If you wish to have weapons as a faction or have your stores filled with them in the micro-city, it is wise to capture these territories. Territories will eventually be taken however, so conflict will inevitably occur.

Rescue missions

Another feature added as a means for a better immersive experience, and a quick way to earn chips, the rescue missions. At random intervals, a radio message could appear on the main frequency on the radio where a lost survivor will ask for aid. Any player can choose to search out this survivor and escort them back to one of the micro-cities. Upon completion of the event, the rescueing player will be awarded a credit reward. 


After crouching and staying crouched, your character will eventually enter stealth mode. This means people will not be able to see your name tag as long as you remain crouched, and makes it harder for zombie and bandit bots to spot you.

Clips and reloading ammo

Accompanying our crafting system, we made it so weaponry and their ammunation come in seperate forms. Ammunation and weaponry are resources sought out the most in the wasteland, which means it would feel unrealistic if these resources were easy to obtain. The crafting system is there to give the setting a more apocalyptic feel, where people can craft their guns or scavenge them, allowing a player to craft ammunation and thus create magazine clips as well. With a specific perk you can choose upon creating your character, you can reload your ammo with a simply press of a button (button: "N") for a quick reload.


The inhabitants of the island lead a grim life, having to deal with hardships and danger on a daily basis. However, regardless of these harsh conditions the people of the island live in, there are occasions where the survivors want some relief and entertainment. Sparks Casino in Linus serves the very purpose of bringing these joys to the inhabitants of the island who venture there, serving as a proper roleplay hub at the same time. The casino is scripted, allowing the players to play roulette, turn slot machines and join a multiplayer game of poker among other players, with real bets.

tl;dr Project Phoenix is back OwO

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[REL] Spec Ops Soldier & Infantry Soldier (Paladin Security Skins ProjectPhoenix)

Infantry (DPM Camo)

Spec Ops Soldier (Watchtower)


Project Phoenix - Zombie Apocalypse RP Server (SAMP)

(Pic is not made by me, Credits to Sona (from ProjectGaming community)
A living.. breathing.. apocalypse

Immersion System

Players will instant be met with a slew of varied apocalyptic themed soundtracks from many sources such as game soundtracks, freely available ambient audio on the internet, dark ambient playlists, etc. This immersive soundtrack aims to bring you knee deep into the feel of the apocalypse and accompany you whilst you play.

When you enter a safehouse the music changes. When you start fighting the music changes. We hope this amps up your immersive gameplay experience as much as we can in the GTA engine.

This can been disabled from /settings - Toggable Settings


Ah yes, Airdrops, the mekka of feature requests. This got requested in many forms and we tried to tie it heavily into the lore as we always do.

Following the fall of the Deed Republic the recipe for Medicine D was taken by Gambino and he is now the main distributor of Medicine D into the island. 

Airdrops randomly drop around the map and are the only current source of Medicine D, aswell as varying amounts of medical supplies. Players can fight over these airdrops to have a better chance at surviving in the wasteland!

When an airdrop drops, you will get a radio message telling you its general location. If you're a donator you get a checkpoint.


Let us look back to the childlike nostaglia of "old PARP" and saving people at the pier.. We have heard these stories plenty of times aswell as a certain faction being mentioned ( *cough* CDC *cough*) and decided it was time to implement something similar.

Random ladies will spawn around the map begging for help on the radio. You must walk her back to a microcity city point from which she will give you a randomized list of loot including chips.

Pretty rad huh?


Ah.. The spawnable hordes that Samuel was doing that you all loved.. We made them dynamically happen all across the map.. They spawn with buffed health and run towards microcities, points of RP, etc. Better have your gun ready. POP POP.

Emission Storms

Remember the mediocre radiation storms or w/e they were called that used to blow over the island? Well we added those. Every now and then the island get covered in an emission cloud. This is a result of a polluted atmosphere as a result of the Deed Republic actions in Operation Bloodbath.

Better put a gasmask on!

War.. War never changes


The much awaited feature of territory control. Now finally the endless train of PMC's will have something to fight over instead of their OOC egos.. The entire map will be littered in territories with all sorts of perks. Ammunition Factories produce ammo whilst bases are just pretty things to own. This will create a constant atmosphere of war and conflict for which factions have a real reason to fight and argue aswell as for non militarized groups to partner with said groups. Declare a group and enemy or a foe and watch what happens.


You can now craft tons of things like walls, windows, etc to place on territories your group owns and make little tents, build fortifications, etc. Endless opportunities.

Weaponized Vehicles

Hydras and Hunters now require actual missiles, or shells, to fire their weapons. No longer can people abuse and spam them. Everytime you fire a missile it will remove one from your vehicles inventory so BE CAREFUL. And groups get to work crafting a REAL arsenal.

Sea Sparrows have a burnout on their miniguns aswell.

A survivor wandering the outer zones...


So players could not properly grasp the concept of crafting before but, I am reintroducing it. The instant access to weapons may have silenced some people but, it totally ruined the pace of the entire RP experience so no longer will weapon shops exist in the cities. Players will either need to join groups and fight for territories or craft for the things they want again. And with the functioning mining system access to things will be properly done.


Players missed /search in interiors for different kinds of loot so.. We made a new system where you can survive off of looting various points around a house such a a Fridge, Dresser, etc and the various things you get are all useful. Some things are only possible from looting such as clothing. Inspired by the way looting works in Project Zomboid.


We completely rehauled mining. Now you can actually physically mine ore in a mine in Mira (their will be more as playerbase expands) and depending on your skill level you will get access to better ores (such as Large Iron)


Woodcutting, like mining, now involves taking a chainsaw to a tree to take it down. Much more interactive.

Passing the time...


The server is now littered in missions with varying types. Some involve killing a rival, some involve delivering a package, some involve finding an object, some involve bringing back loot. It really depends. We tried to make as many small missions as possible to give new players (and even old ones) a sense of an MMO style experience. 


The server is littered with clusters of bandits protecting random things such as mission objectives, airdrops, etc. They will shoot at you if you shoot near them. They drop loot. Sometimes rare loot. (cuffs, tazer)


Like bandits but on steroids these buffed up guards are donated by groups and protect their cities and faction HQ's

Markets are now all over the place and different ones provide different schematics you need.


Scrolls have been reintroduced and work properly now. They are placed everywhere detailing stories of survivor struggles and secrets to the atlantean past of the island.



Join everyone~!!

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Concept 1

Concept 2

Concept 3 (Gas Mask)

Kopasus (Komando Pasukan Khusus)
Indonesia's Special Forces concept by Muh. Audi Alghifari
Credits belongs to EA, IW.

Everything had been fixed, left hand bug thing has been fixed, and other things.



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[REL] HK-416 Pack

HK-416 Pack
(Yes I am back)

Pack contains variant optics:
-EOtech with Magnifier
-Aimpoint Micro T1
-Aimpoint Micro T1 with Magnifier
-ACOG with Backup Iron Sight
-Elcan SpecterDR with Backup Iron Sight
-HAMR Sight
-Iron Sight

Each folder has 4 weapon mode options:
-Non Suppressed
-Grenadier M320


No Pass